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5 Ways to Make Landlords Want You as Their Tenant

Are you looking for your next home? When buying a house with a mortgage is out of the question, then finding a rental property is your next best bet. But how can you snag a great deal and be chosen as the next tenant of your ideal home?

Just like tenants, landlords also get to choose over who will occupy their properties. You may have found a couple of 1-BR apartments in places like Richmond, VA that fit your needs. But how can you impress the landlords so you can finally move homes? Get to know some of the best ways to show any landlords that you are their ideal tenant.

Prepare your recent pay stubs.

Of course, you will need to have a steady flow of income to assure landlords you can pay the rent. Many landlords prefer their tenants to have a salary of at least three times higher than their set monthly rent. This is since you will surely have other expenses to take care of besides your rent. Be sure to keep your recent pay stubs, so you can easily share copies of these to your preferred landlord.

Aim to have a good credit score.

These days, it will take more than enough cash on hand to close a deal with a landlord. Many landlords now do credit inspection before letting a tenant reside in their rental property. By having a good credit score, you get to show your landlord that you are financially responsible. Since a good credit score indicates your ability to pay your bills on time, this also shows you can pay your rent on time.

Be ready to coordinate with your past landlords.

Your landlord will surely ask you where you are from and why you are relocating. If you can provide them with references that show what kind of tenant you are, the better. They use this to assess you before letting you move into their property. This also serves as a background check to see any issues you had with previous landlords or neighbors.

Respect their time, property, and rules.

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Landlords are also busy people. If you cannot respect their time from day one, then you can’t expect them to accommodate your requests. Be sure to look presentable and arrive early or on time for the viewing. Also, make sure to listen to what they have to say, answer their questions carefully, and respect their property. If you fail to show that you are a considerate prospect, then they will not expect you to honor the contract and take good care of their property.

Just be honest.

We already know that the best policy is honesty. If you choose to be honest from day one, then you can foster a good relationship with your landlord. They may be in it for the money, but they may also be considerate. If you are willing to compromise, chances are you can find common ground. Just be honest, and you will find it easier to find a landlord that will accept you.

This only goes to show that a good tenant is honest, responsible, and a good payer, among other things. If you can prove to your future landlord that you possess these qualities, then you can improve your chances of securing the rent. By being the ideal tenant, you will find it easier to move into your dream rental property.

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