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Find the Right Rental For Every Stage of Life

Renting looks simple until you realize how many factors you have to consider and options you can choose from. There’s also the matter of making choices that suit your current needs. Whether you are:

  • A fresh graduate.
  • A working professional.
  • A parent.
  • An empty nester looking to downsize your lifestyle and expenses.

Buying a home is not always feasible for many people, and being smart about their rental options is key to comfort and financial health.

This is why you must know what type of rental suits you at every stage of your life. Making well-informed decisions each time can spare you from a lot of stress and give you the right amount of convenience you need to be happy.

When You’re A Student

This is the time when simple is best for a lot of practical reasons. For the most part, you won’t even be in your student accommodation for several hours at a time unless it’s where you prefer to dine and study. The average university student will take advantage of libraries, cafeterias, and other public places to have easier access to their needs. It could be a friend who has to tutor you, a bookstore that sells resourceful materials, or simply an ambiance that’s conducive for learning.

It’s important, however, that your student accommodation has the bare essentials: a comfortable bed, a reliable desk and lamp, a small refrigerator, a strong internet connection, and a shower with a heater. Like scenery, lounges, and television sets, anything else is an extra that you can do without, especially if you’re on a budget.

When You’re A Professional

This is the time when you need more amenities in your building and leisure in your home. That said, you’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting both at an affordable cost. A good example is a one-bedroom apartment with all utilities included.  Some states offer plenty of such rentals that are suitable for professionals. Apart from having the added space, your student accommodation didn’t have; you’ll also have room to perform other activities like host a few friends. Better still, if it’s furnished, especially if you’re starting your career and plan to relocate in the future. Owning appliances and furniture will prove to be a burden when you make that move.

When You’re A Parent

Additional space may be an option as a student and professional, but it’s a must as a parent. This is true regardless if you’re renting an apartment or a house. Space will give you the alone time you need when you’re tired and stressed, and it will provide you with some system. One room for work, one room for sleeping, and one room for nursing and playing. Since you don’t want to eat up all your living space with baby stuff, opt for collapsible options when applicable and for bulky furniture that you can dismantle yourself. Again, going for a furnished rental is wiser at this stage, as you don’t want to accumulate too many possessions when you move to another rental.

Why move? The answer is simple: your children will grow fast, and they’ll need their own space and privacy. Maybe a one bedroom one bathroom apartment won’t cut it anymore now that you have two little girls about to start school.

Another matter that should be on top of your list is safety. There are hazards in a place that might not be risky to you but dangerous for curious toddlers. Think outlets, wiring, cracks, and operable windows that are too easy to open.

When You’re Retiring

Now that the children are renting their places, it’s time to downsize. This is when it’s optimal to look for a rental with a view and easy access. Maybe you’ve developed weak legs and can’t use the stairs anymore. Opt for a place with a reliable elevator. For rental houses, you can go for a bungalow near important facilities like hospitals and clinics. It’s also important that there’s an excellent emergency response team either in your building or your neighborhood to assist you in case of fires and earthquakes. To reduce your worry about such incidents, rent at lower levels or somewhere near an open space.

You’ll also want one with a sufficient storage area for your children’s old belongings, and maybe an additional room for when they visit. The kitchen and the dining room will prove vital, as you’ll likely be hosting people there and indulging in hobbies like baking.

Knowing Your Priorities

Being an expert renter takes time, experience, and objectivity. Thankfully, by focusing on your actual priorities at every stage of life, you’ll find rentals that are just right for your lifestyle and budget.

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