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Redesigning Your Home Office Space For Functionality and Style

Home improvement projects are a dime a dozen in the renovation market, and you’ll find plenty of guides teaching you how to practice simple landscaping and refashion rooms to be more beautiful. However, one area that usually goes unnoticed is now being used more often than ever, and that place is none other than your home office.

But despite it being labeled an office space, it hasn’t seen much utilization until today, leaving its design and functionality very outdated.

Why the Home Office?

Well, considering the state of the world with geopolitical events appearing on breaking news and this pandemic pushing us onto a stricter lockdown, our home office is going to see a lot of use in the foreseeable future. And you don’t want to be the guy who ends up spending every single day in a room that doesn’t look nice or even encourage you to get any work done.

Plus, a great in-home office will add significant value if you ever put this house for sale, which we consider a wise investment and an economical home improvement project to take. So, today we’ll be teaching you how to turn your old home office into a modern and inspiring workspace.

Adopting Modernity and Functionality

When we speak of a modern home office, its style pattern follows two specific traits. Number one, the use of calmer tones and soft colors, designs that set you at ease rather than visually-striking. And number two, making the room functional and appropriate for the work that needs to be done.

#1 Experiment With a Variety of Furniture

People often get the misconception that modern means bland, when in fact, you get free range over a lot of your furniture options, style choice, and preference of colors. While a modern look does lean towards chromes and darker tones, that isn’t to say you can’t do anything else. So, in terms of furniture, don’t limit yourself to the bland and boring but experiment according to your taste.

  • Go Beyond Conventional Office Furniture: The office furniture catalog is often one-dimensional, and while it checks all the boxes for functionality, it doesn’t get a lot of good marks on creativity and style. So, expand your selection and browse other things like a dining table that could give you more surface area and even bedroom dressers as storage space.
  • Set The Tone And Atmosphere: Of course, you don’t want to go all over the place when trying to redesign your home office. Set the tone and atmosphere you’re trying to go for and stick with it. If you want to use natural light and wooden colors to make things down-to-earth, retain that atmosphere, and don’t mix and match too much.

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#2 Be Realistic And Keep What You Need

Everyone’s needs are different, and depending on the type of work you do, your home office should have everything you need to help you meet any daily quotas or finish important projects. Of course, while you can spare expense for beautification and other types of decor, these extra bits should never come at the cost of things that actually have a bearing on your job.

  • Sufficient Storage Spaces: We all dread not having enough storage space, and we’ve seen how much of a mess displaced papers, documents, and files can become. So, be sure to equip your home office with sufficient amounts of storage space like organizers, drawers, and extra file cabinets to keep things in check.
  • Tailor To Your Needs: A digital creative’s office is completely different from a person who works in budgeting and finance, so don’t go for any cookie-cutter methods of design. If your work ethic requires an inspirational bulletin board or extra room for a green screen, tailor your office studio according to your needs.

#3 Get Creative And Resourceful

Finally, if budget isn’t your strongest suit, but you don’t mind getting a little crafty, then don’t be afraid to get creative and resourceful with what you currently have lying around. Just because a piece of furniture is a bit dated doesn’t mean it’s no longer useful. If it’s still built-well and doesn’t have anything noticeably broken about it, please flex your creative juices.

  • Refinish Old Furniture: From retrofitting an old closet into an all-in-one table space to taking out an old dresser from the attic, a simple retouching and refinishing job can go a long way. So, be sure to double-check what you have stored away because you might have some hidden gems waiting to be uncovered. Of course, if it’s anything tech-related or bound by date, make an exception.
  • Don’t Make It Too “Loud”: If you go the creative route, try not to use colors and tones that are too loud or dynamic because they may work against a calm and modern look. While there’s nothing wrong with “loud,” it won’t bode well with a more modern approach to design, so don’t go overboard.

Overall, an in-home office should be functional and inspire you to get your work done for the day. And if you’ve been itching to get your office space a rain check, feel free to use this checklist as your guide to redesigning.

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